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Chelford Consult is an international business consultancy firm that helps businesses with a variety of services that add value to products, services and the organization. By providing global sourcing and marketing assistance, finding suitable technology and financing partners, we help clients to take advantage of global opportunities.
Chelford is especially focused on the emerging markets where the opportunities are more, growth rates are higher and the urge to globalize is greater.

Our understanding of the intricacies of doing business in the emerging markets benefits both the international investors and the local entrepreneurs.

  • Slovenia

    Chelford successfully completed partnership agreement with Ilirija.d.d, a manufacturer of wide variety of cosmetics in Sloveniaa with a Suadi Arabian business group to import and distribute Ilirija cosmetics under Sabrina brand name.The prodcut already available in leading stores and pharmacies.

  • Indonesia Middle East Business Update

    Under the Invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Chelford particapted in int Indonesia Middle East Business Update. The focus was to promote Midle East Investment in various sectors.


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