Chelford Agencies was set up in 1989 to represent overseas companies to promote their products in the Indian markets as well as promoting Indian products in the international markets. The era of strict import control and tight foreign exchange regime that prevailed in India necessitated local expertise to overseas companies. Specialized knowledge was also necessary to support the exporters to enter into the international market.

Headquartered in the port city of Kochi (Cochin), Chelford Agencies, provides assistance to overseas principals by liaising with the Indian importers and providing accurate feedback .By creating a network of associates in India and the Middle East, Chelford succeeds in reaching a larger geographical area and caters to a large clientele who require dependable information and advice.

Mitsubishi Corporation-Japan, Daewoo Corporation-Korea, and several machinery, equipment, chemicals and industrial raw material suppliers utilized our local contacts and expertise.

With the advancement of communication technology and possibilities to access businesses worldwide Chelford Agencies transformed in to Chelford Consult in the year 2010.Our Consultants are highly qualified professionals with several years of experience in India and abroad. Today, we have a strong network of partners, consultants and associates in India, Far East, the Middle East, Africa and East Europe. We act as a dependable link between businesses in the developed world and in the emerging markets.

Our vision is to be the hallmark of innovative business solutions in the emerging markets.

Our mission is to create an atmosphere of trust and cooperation between the businesses in emerging markets, technology partners and global investors by providing highly dependable consulting services.